BUS Pajama Romp 6-Hour


Astoria Park
26 July 2014
27.3 miles completed

First of all, I HAVE NO IDEA how to eat for a long run that begins in the evening. Until now, I have never run a race or endurance event that didn’t start first thing in the morning. In fact, that’s why I do all of my long training runs at the crack of dawn: to be ready for early morning starts! (more…)

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The Winter Dulls

My running has taken on a dullness post-PDTR that is more dull than usual this time of years. (While I love running in the snow, I do find it hard to stay motivated during the winter.)

The 50-mile failure, plus the Morton’s neuroma, plus an inexplicable pain in my left foot that took a week to resolve, plus several days of flu-like symptoms, plus the cold and dark have made for many short runs and many days with no running at all.  I set a goal of running 1000 miles in 2013 and I’m right where I should be to meet that goal, IF I complete my normal runs. I plan to do that, of course, but it feels really hard at the moment.

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Runner Guilt

I’ve been getting sick, and then actually sick, for the past week or so and that means I’ve only run twice in eight days. I was already coming off a running vacation following a 50k race and experiencing general laziness, so this hasn’t improved my mileage numbers at all.

I tend to start feeling guilty after not running for just a few days, but I’m determined to take this time off in stride.  Guilt is a common feeling among runners who miss runs and I’ve read a few articles over the years from “experts” who say feeling guilt is BAD and means that you have some sort of ADDICTION or something else BAD.  <shrug>

I’ll be running again in a few days and feel a lot better.

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