Back on Schedule, Thanks Dr. Podiatrist!

My appointment with the podiatrist confirmed what I already knew: I have a Morton’s neuroma in my right foot. The good news is that it is continuing to improve and my doctor didn’t want to do anything drastic, i.e. stick a needle in my foot. The bad news is that I could have neuroma flare ups for the rest of my life. 🙁

My doctor gave me a new metatarsal pad that I don’t like, but I’m going to ditch it and begin wearing Correct Toes spacers as soon as they arrive. My foot feels best when my toes are spread apart, so I’m hopeful that the spacers will do the trick. Plus I talked to a former Correct Toes rep at the marathon expo and he swears by them and says you can run in them. I haven’t had good luck keeping my makeshift spacers in between my toes for long periods of time, so I’m really hopeful about this.

I’m cleared to return to “normal activities” as long as I don’t have any foot pain, so I did a long run this weekend of 7.5 miles. It was comfortable until my toe spacers crapped out on me and even after that it wasn’t painful, just bothersome. I plan to resume my regular running schedule tomorrow. There’s a 50k I want to do next month, so I need to get some miles in over the next few weeks.

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Marathon Sunday

Even if you aren’t running the New York City Marathon, the first weekend in November is MARATHON WEEKEND in the city. I spent the morning cheering on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. It is always inspiring to see the runners, from the fast ones in the front of the first wave all the way to the slow ones in the back of the fourth.  Geoffrey Mutai won the men’s race in 2:08:24; Priscah Jeptoo won the women’s race in 2:25:07.


After a couple of weeks off post-PDTR, both for rest and because of a neuroma in my right foot, I finally did a short run yesterday. I call it a success. The neuroma was painful for about three days while I was still in Texas and since then has just been annoying. I’ve been putting ice packs on my foot, taking ibuprofen, using a toe spacer, and wearing super wide shoes with a metatarsal pad. I have a podiatrist appointment in a few days, but I don’t expect to be told to do anything different. I think as long as the neuroma is improving, there’s not much more to be done.

We turned the clocks back this weekend, which means running after work in the dark for the next three months. It’s not my favorite way to run.

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DNF – Palo Duro Trail Run 50-Miler


Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
19 October 2013
37.5 miles finished in 9:02

This was my goal race for 2013 and I trained long and hard and traveled a long way to get to the starting line. Unfortunately, the finish line didn’t materialize for me.  After running three 50k races in the past 18 months, I was anxious to step up to another distance and I chose the Palo Duro Trail Run for a couple of reasons. One, it felt nostalgic and comforting to try something big and new “at home.” Two, I have hiked hundreds of miles in the canyon and I wanted to run somewhere familiar for a change.

Packet pick up took place on the night before the run at WTAMU, my alma mater. We were treated to a pasta dinner and a course overview. There was also a man there known as “The Ancient Brit” who is 86 years old and a friend of the race founder. He came to give a speech of encouragement to the runners and to present a proclamation to the park service from his home city of Westminster, England. It was pretty cool to hear about his experiences and the dinner gave me time to hang out with local runner friends and meet some new people. (more…)

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