A Weird Injury Thing Happened

The New York Road Runners have a long training run* each July and another each August. I generally do the one in August, because it’s closer to my goal race, but this year my goal race is a lot earlier so I headed off to Central Park last weekend for LTR #1.


I do not run in Central Park very often. I go there for random races and whenever I need a change of pace from my regular routes. When I do run there, I almost never run the entire six-mile loop. I generally only run the lower loops or around the reservoir. Something you might not realize if you don’t live and run in NYC is that the entire city is pretty hilly. Central Park, in my opinion, is very hilly. There are few flat places to run in the whole park and if you do a succession of road loops, you will encounter constant rolling hills. (more…)

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