Queens Half Marathon

College Point, Queens
20 September 2009
2:29:23 finish

This was my first half marathon. College Point is pretty far from where I live in Brooklyn, so my husband (who agreed to go with me) and I took a car out there. We ended up being pretty early and I ended up having a little bit of a panic attack. There was a park near the start, so I walked around until I felt better.

I was in the very last starting corral, so I had a bit of a wait before starting. College Point is a nice neighborhood, but much hillier than I expected. I’m still not used to the hills around the city. I enjoyed seeing a part of Queens I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see and overall I thought I did pretty well, even if I had to walk some of the bigger hills.

The aftermath was pretty bad. The start/finish is about a mile away from the nearest subway station so there were school buses to take everyone to the station after the race was over. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough buses. We ended up waiting over an hour before we could get on one. We should have just walked. I suspect there will be a lot of complaints.

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