First Run with Achilles International


While perusing volunteer opportunities with New York Cares, I came across one that asked for able-bodied runners to train alongside the disabled runners of our local Achilles International chapter.  I was intrigued at the possibility of using running in conjunction with volunteering. And I was also intrigued because I’ve seen many Achilles runners and volunteers at races and been very inspired by them.

After a few calendar conflicts, I finally had the opportunity to do join forces with Achilles last night and it was amazing!  Another new volunteer and I ran four miles with a woman who is already an accomplished long-distance racer.  The pace may have been slow, but it was incredibly interesting, humorous, and fun!

It appears one doesn’t have to wait for NY Cares to announce Achilles workouts; anyone is free to show up on Tuesday evenings, which is exactly what I plan to do.

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