Staten Island Half Marathon


Staten Island
9 October 2011
2:19:11.02 Finish

I PRed this race by two seconds and change, but I hated this race, I’ll be honest.

It started with a ferry debacle, in which a small boat arrived at the terminal and a couple thousand runners (including me) were left behind and had to wait on another boat.  Surprisingly, I crossed the start line just about 15 minutes late, which wasn’t as bad as I expected.

As for the race itself…

First, no one expects an October race in New York City to be pushing 70 degrees.  Second, the out-and-back course was hilly and in full sun.  Third, there wasn’t much to look at.  There were some pretty stretches, like through Ft. Wadsworth and Bay Street.  (Bay Street also had some cheering crowds.)  But there were long barren miles through an industrial area (with a lone DJ) that weren’t great.

I pushed through it and as I mentioned, PRed just barely.  Still, the logistics and course make it unlikely that I’ll run this race again.



Runners took pictures of the Statue of Liberty on the way to SI.

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