Running, Nature, and Meditating

I spent time over the weekend running trails through a local park.  One thing I like about trail running is the varied surface.  (except for packed grass, which I hate)  Another thing I like is feeling like I’m “one with nature,” even if I’m not terribly far from civilization.


The sound of running water is particularly lovely to me, since it’s something I never experienced regularly until I was an adult and living on the east coast.  Unfortunately, it can also be quite distracting.  Instead of being inspired to run further or faster, I feel a great desire to take my shoes off and sit with my feet in the water.  I do at least let myself stop and take pictures.  (My trail running paces are just terrible.)

In one of my G+ communities is an African gentleman who does really really long runs nearly every day.  And he always posts something like “30 mile meditative run – [insert something to meditate on].”  During my run I thought of him and thought that since nature is so inspiring I should attempt my own meditative run.  I spent a few minutes trying to think of something to think about, but then about the time I picked a topic I had to climb a hill and I got so winded I forgot I was meditating.  In fact, I didn’t remember until I was done and on the bus home an hour later.

I think I’m going to enjoy nature on the trails and maybe meditate on the roads.

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