Cherry Tree 10 Miler


Prospect Park, Brooklyn
17 February 2013
1:49:31 finish

I was completely unprepared for this race. That combined with high winds and windchills in the single digits did not make for a great race. I finished ten minutes slower than my 10-mile PR (which was set at this same race back in 2011).

If not for the wind, conditions would have been great.  The most comfortable part of the race was standing in the start corral, which was in a sunny spot protected from the gusts.  I saw a friend at the start and ran with her for about a mile–too fast, honestly. 

Once again, the Prospect Park hill proved to be daunting and I was defeated by it.  I don’t know any way to run it better except to run it more, and that’s really not a priority at the moment.  I’d rather be running off-road!

Prospect Park Track Club (and the race direction of Michael Ring) organized an excellent race and this remains a favorite of mine, even if today’s effort felt like a #fail.  🙂  Ask any Brooklyn runner, and they will name the Cherry Tree as the race with the best giveaways.  No shirts!  This year we got gloves from Trailheads, which were very welcome for such a cold run.  I wore the gloves under my mittens and my hands stayed toasty.

Two thumbs up–again–for the Cherry Tree 10 Miler!


Lining up to start


Awesome gloves


Finish line

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