A Plan in Place

I’ve been kind of stressed lately because I didn’t really have a goal date/race to train for.  I had an idea of what I wanted my fall goal race to be, but it depended on getting vacation time approved for work, and beyond that I had nothing else in mind.  Well! I got the vacation days approved and I will be heading to Texas in October for the Palo Duro Trail Run.  This will be my first attempted 50-mile race.  (Yes, I plan to finish, but I always “attempt” every new distance.)

I have been perusing 50-mile training plans for awhile, but today I finally bit the bullet and sat down to figure out a training plan for myself.  I just finished it and I’m basing my plan off of this one by the UltraLadies running club out in California.  There are plenty of plans with both more and less mileage, so I figure this is kind of a happy medium and I can adjust as I go along.  I officially begin training three weeks from Monday (?!!).

Funny thing, once I got all the miles entered into a spreadsheet, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders.  I know what to do now! I know how far to run and on what days! I’ve long known that I am a runner who needs a goal, so I don’t know why I flailed about for so long waiting to put together a plan. I will effort not to do this again in the future. 🙂

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