What a Difference a Week Makes

[quote]Back-to-Back – when you run long one day, then turn around and run again the next day; designed to simulate condition of running on tired legs[/quote]

I feel a bit silly writing this, but I’ve been dreading back-to-back runs. Most ultramarathon training plans call for them and mine has included three, one each month.  The first one happened early on when my mileage was low, so I kind of didn’t count it. The second was supposed to be the weekend of Wildcat Ridge, which totally didn’t happen because I wrecked myself.  The third was this weekend and it loomed large on the calendar and I almost–almost–didn’t do it because I totally psyched myself out about it.

I ended up running three days in a row, including a 26.3 mile long run, for a total of 42 miles…and I feel fabulous! FABULOUS! In fact, this is the best I’ve ever felt after a long run and I’m 100 times more confident than I was last week. In all my years of running I’ve always taken the day off after a long run to rest, but maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should always include a run the next day, even if it’s short. It is never too late to learn new things.


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