Marathon Sunday

Even if you aren’t running the New York City Marathon, the first weekend in November is MARATHON WEEKEND in the city. I spent the morning cheering on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. It is always inspiring to see the runners, from the fast ones in the front of the first wave all the way to the slow ones in the back of the fourth.  Geoffrey Mutai won the men’s race in 2:08:24; Priscah Jeptoo won the women’s race in 2:25:07.


After a couple of weeks off post-PDTR, both for rest and because of a neuroma in my right foot, I finally did a short run yesterday. I call it a success. The neuroma was painful for about three days while I was still in Texas and since then has just been annoying. I’ve been putting ice packs on my foot, taking ibuprofen, using a toe spacer, and wearing super wide shoes with a metatarsal pad. I have a podiatrist appointment in a few days, but I don’t expect to be told to do anything different. I think as long as the neuroma is improving, there’s not much more to be done.

We turned the clocks back this weekend, which means running after work in the dark for the next three months. It’s not my favorite way to run.

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