Uh…I may have just become one of “those” ultrarunners…

I have registered for another timed race: the Broadway Ultra Society 6-Hour Run on March 30.  Yes, that’s two weeks away. No, I haven’t had a long training run since November.

Over the past couple of years I’ve read lots of blog posts and Facebook/Twitter posts and forum posts from runners who have signed up for long races after taking time off for some reason. I always thought “I would never do that if I hadn’t been training!” But yes, I apparently would. lol They all survived and so will I!

I harbor no thoughts that I will actually be able to race for six hours. I may not actually be able to move even reasonably quickly for six hours. BUT! I do plan to spend six hours with other runners and keep a smile on my face. I’m even looking forward to it, despite the description of the course that includes the words “challenging” and “hilly.” It’s gonna be great!

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