Scotland Run 10k


Central Park
4 April 2015
1:06:26 finish

In all the years I’ve lived in NYC, this was my first Scotland Run 10k. It’s one of the few NYRR races I had never done and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have registered–particularly so soon after a 6-hour–except that my half marathon training plan called for a 10k on this particular week.

Race day was beautiful: cool, but without wind. It had been awhile since I’d run in Central Park, so I enjoyed that, and I loved that there were bagpipers on the course and kilts everywhere. If I run this race again, I will definitely wear a plaid skirt!

All told, this race was uneventful. I held back and finished about seven minutes off my PR time. I was disappointed in the shirt. It was cotton and I was really looking forward to a tech shirt.

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