Spring Races and Other Stuff

Despite the (expected) slow start to 2015 training due to yuck weather, I’ve registered for my first three races of 2015:

  • Cherry Tree 10 Mile on February 15 (annual tradition)
  • Sybil Ludington 50k on April 25
  • Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16 (to hopefully make up for last year’s poor performance)

I feel pretty good about the schedule, providing I can get some good long runs in between now and April. I think I will. I’ve been consciously adding hills into all my runs, to get ready for Sybil. Everything I’ve read has indicated it’s a hilly race.

I’ve kept up with weekly yoga and I’m anxious to see how it complements (or doesn’t) my running as my mileage increases.  And soon I’ll be replacing my road shoes, which is always more complicated than it really should be. I’ve ordered stability wedges from Altra, which is something I’ve always wanted to try. They should arrive this week and we’ll see how they work.

And finally, I have decided to try using Strava this year for purposes of sharing activity and following other runners. I set up an account a couple of years ago, but really never used it after discovering it doesn’t allow runs to be edited. (That’s basic functionality, if you ask me.) I’m going to just loosen up and not worry if some runs aren’t exactly accurate. I’ve been using Garmin Connect for the past year, but it has a lot of issues and I get the feeling my beloved 305s aren’t going to be supported by the site much longer. Don’t get your hopes up; I’m a slow, boring runner, but here you go:


(I will never give up my RunningAhead log, though. It’s my primary online running repository and the developer is an awesome guy and I want to support him. Plus the site has it’s own amazing community via the forums. I recommend checking it out.)

Speaking of forums, the folks over at letsrun started discussing Sage Canaday’s training (posted on Strava) and he showed up to joined the conversation. I was amused. (HT to the fine folks at www.ultrarunnerpodcast.com)

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