A Wild Goose Chase


A new park recently opened in my neighborhood, so I decided to check it out during my weekend long run. This was easier said than done.

I looked at Google Maps before I left home and then headed off in the direction of the park. When I got to the location I saw on the map, there was nothing but warehouses. I thought I must have cut across toward the water too soon, so I headed north. After ten blocks or so, I decided to look at Google Maps on my phone, only to discover I had gone too far. I backtracked. I couldn’t find the park. I backtracked some more. I couldn’t find the park.

I finally went to the NYC parks website. According to their instructions, I was mere feet from the park entrance, but where was it??? Well, it was through a tiny gate to the side of a larger locked gate. I would never have found it on my own. I had seen a picture of the Bush Terminal Park sign above and that’s what I was looking for. In fact, you have to enter the small gate and make your way in between half a dozen buildings and around a corner before you see the name. (over yet another gate)

At any rate, I finally found it and ran the loop, which at the moment is pretty small. (There is a lot of room for expansion.) Overall, it’s a pretty nice park. It has two athletic fields—covered in snow at the moment, a snappy new restroom building, a small wildlife preserve, and lights and benches lining the main esplanade. There are both walking and bike paths running alongside tide ponds and restored wetlands. There are also nice views of lower Manhattan, New Jersey, Staten Island, and the harbor.

I think this park is part of a larger initiative to green up the entire Brooklyn waterfront. It’s a good start and I’ll look forward to visiting in the future when it’s not so cold. Hopefully we can also look forward to better signage!


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