Pine Creek Challenge Training

My “goal event” this year is the Pine Creek Challenge, a 100k that I will run in “beautiful Wellsboro, PA!” 🙂 I had been looking for a 50-miler, but couldn’t find one that seemed doable from either a schedule or travel standpoint. After looking at dozens of sites and race reports, I finally happened across the Pine Creek Challenge, which is billed as “beginner friendly.” I am looking forward to a beginner friendly first 100k attempt!!!  (I look forward to pretty much anything described as beginner friendly at this point in my running career.) Pennsylvania really is beautiful and there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm from runners who have run the course, so I think it will be good.

I had stepped up mileage about six weeks ago, with two long runs prior to the Sybil Ludington 50k. I took a few days off after that and just finished my first “official” training week of 40 miles. My legs and feet feel good and I haven’t been overly tired. I’ve postponed yoga classes temporarily because I can’t fit those in with my running schedule and a few other things that have to be done on May evenings, but I have been diligently keeping up with PT and I’ve added in some new moves designed to engage my glutes. I think weak glutes are the reason I have trouble with my hamstrings on long runs. We’ll see.

Now just to get acclimated to the warmer weather and we’ll be good to go…



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