NYUR 3-Hour Awards Race


Hendrickson Park
21 March 2016
14.6 miles completed

The field for this event was small, but I managed to come in 8th female and 2nd in my age group. So that made me happy. 🙂

Even though this wasn’t an ultramarathon, the event was designed to get the local ultra community together to have fun and to distribute awards to winners of the Broadway Ultra Society 2015 Grand Prix. I wasn’t a contender for any of those, but I did enjoy myself.

The run took place in Valley Stream, Long Island at Hendrickson Park. The park was really nice, with a smooth running/biking path around a large pond. There was a slight hill at the north end of the loop, otherwise the course was flat. The weather forecast called for a late season snow storm, but we got lucky. No snow, but we had considerably cooler temperatures and wind, which caused one side of the loop to be warmer than the other. It was amusing to see everyone putting on hats and gloves heading north, only to remove them heading south.

Our staging area was the pool building and we were all so impressed by the changing area. It was big and clean with a large common area, individual changing booths, plus showers. Everyone commented on how nice it was.

As always, our fearless leader Richie was both on top of things and hilarious. I swear he’s a comedian in real life. Richie and his much-appreciated volunteers staffed the timing table, two aid stations, and served us all a lunch of pizza and Italian food.

All together I was very pleased with the event and so glad I decided to run it. It was a good day.

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