A Preliminary Review of Intuition 3.5


First, I want to give credit where credit is due–while I can still give it–and say FINALLY. Altra has given us this gorgeous women’s shoe that is mostly black and doesn’t have a terrible pastel colorway. So yeah, I love the way these look. (Note the slightly asymmetric lacing.)

With the exception of the Intuition 3.0, I’ve run in every model of this shoe. This version is quite roomy compared to the earlier models. It feels slightly more narrow, even while it feels like my foot is moving around inside the shoe. It’s hard to explain. Heel fit is decent, could be better, could be worse. The ride is unusual. When walking around, it’s obvious that the foot bed has some give–some squishiness. When running, that foam fully collapses, leading to a ride that’s very firm. To me, it feels considerably more firm than the 2.0 and slightly more firm than the 1.5.

I’ve been using Intuition 3.5, so far, for runs under eight miles and they’ve been fine. Stay tuned.

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