Madhattan Run

Perimeter of Manhattan, NYC
19 November 2016

I’m proud to say I’ve finished the Madhattan Run two years in a row. The 2016 version was quite a bit slower, primarily due to a long stop on the Hudson River to watch a whale. (yes, whale)

I had hoped to see the runners I met during the 2015 event, but they didn’t weren’t there. I ended up spending most of the day with two lovely runners from upstate, who seemed grateful to have my knowledge of the course. Having run it once, the written directions the race directors hand out made perfect sense. I think this is one of those events where course info is passed down year-to-year by veteran runners, like an oral history. (I also had the route in my Suunto, just in case.) A fellow runner made this video, which is far superior to the few photos I took:

(He was a lot faster than me, but he didn’t see the whale!)

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