A Final Review of the Topo Magnifly


Long story short: I LOVE YOU, TOPO. 

I started wearing these beauties back in the spring and I’m about to let them go, but not without a fond farewell. The Magniflys have been everything I’ve ever wanted in a shoe. They fit like a glove, they ride smooth, they wear well, they are able to cope with all weather conditions, and they look great.

I wore the Magniflys up to a distance of about 30 miles. (It was a 24-hour event and I wasn’t paying close attention to distance when I changed shoes.) Unfortunately, I did lose my left big toenail on that long run, but I think these shoes run slightly smaller than other brands. I will be replacing these with the Ultrafly, with the hope that they will match up, but with a slightly higher stack height.

I can’t recommend the Magnifly enough. If you are looking for a very traditional and dialed-in heel fit with a wide toebox, this is your shoe.

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