BUS Pajama Romp 6-Hour

Astoria Park
22 July 2017
24.25 miles completed

My third running of the Pajama Romp came after two weeks of vacation; as usual, was really fun time. There were quite a few of the usual faces there and I met a few new people. Before we got started, there was a ceremony to induct Phil McCarthy into the Broadway Ultra Society Hall of Fame. Congrats to Phil on this and all his accomplishments!

The weather was good the full six hours. Of course it was hot and kind of humid, but that’s typical. At least by the water there is a little breeze. It started raining at the very end, which sent everyone ducking for cover during the after-race festivities.

After stomach and bladder issues in the past, I avoided almost all aid station fare this time around. I felt physically fine for the duration, but I didn’t feel well-fueled from depending on my own food and water. I’ll figure out the Pajama Romp mystery eventually. I still think my issues are related to starting so late in the day and not being able to figure out the timing of meals beforehand.

I love running in Astoria Park and I had forgotten that there are fireflies in the north end after dark. It’s so pleasant to run with fireflies all around. Until next year!

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