About Me

I started running in November 2007.  It took me a long time—longer than most, I think—to be able to run a mile without stopping.  The day I did, I vowed to someday run a hundred miles at one time.  I didn’t know then that there were things called ultramarathons; I just knew I wanted to run far.

I finished my first ultra early in 2012 and completed a second later in the year (both 50ks).  My plan to run a 50-mile race in 2013 didn’t quite pan out, but I tackled that distance in 2016. I completed my first 100k in 2015. All together I’ve completed five 50ks, three marathons, seven half marathons, five 6-hour events, and numerous races of other distances.

When not running, I read about running, and I read blogs written by other runners. (I read a lot of other things, too.) I play piano and video games.  I’m working on a master’s degree in information design and I enthusiastically enroll in MOOCs to learn more about computer science.

I’m married to an amazing non-runner and we have two cats who are also not runners.