Unsucessful Attempt, Time to Regroup

My first 50-mile attempt failed, due to issues during the run and a few wrong decisions before and during. I’m now making plans to regroup, re-train, and re-try.

I’m hugely disappointed, to say the least. (Also a bit depressed and ashamed, truth be told.) In addition to failing at this greater distance, it was also my first-ever DNF. I am trying to embrace the experience because a DNF was inevitable and I have always known it would be something I’d have to face. It is just as beneficial to my running life to be able to accept and handle failure as it is to successfully reach goals. I know this. Read More

Summer Runnin’, Having a Blast?

Not exactly.

Since my last update, I have struggled–struggled–through a couple of heat waves and felt a lot of discouragement.  I’ve been running long enough to know, intellectually, that I am a slow runner during the hotter months. (All of my short distance race PRs were set in December and January.) But it never makes it easier when my summer runs feel like summer crawls, particularly now that my goal race training started earlier than usual.  When all is said and done, 95% of my training for the Palo Duro Trail Run will have taken place in high temperatures and high humidity.

I will trudge along and hope that my body is responding in ways that aren’t evident right now, but will be on race day.

What You Will Find Here

Here you will find my musings about running.  I don’t run with music, so I do a lot of thinking while I run.  Sometimes want to write my thoughts down later and this blog is where I’ll do that.

I frequently write haiku while I run.  Like this:

No running today
High heat and bad air warnings
I don’t want to die

(Okay, that wasn’t written while I was running, but it was still about running.)

I’ll post some pictures of cool places I run and things I see.  Like this:

Central Park Reservoir
Central Park Reservoir

If you want to run far–or even not so far–I will cheer you on and tell you what I’ve learned.  If you have questions or problems that I can’t help with, I promise I know people who can and I can point you in the right direction.

So yeah, this will pretty much just be my running playground.