Shoe Surgery

I’ve really struggled with shoes this year, primarily because of my inability to find Altra road shoes that work for me anymore. I have been running in a pair of Skora that I like very much. Unfortunately, past 12 miles I get blisters on the my arches. I still haven’t figure that out.

I bought a pair of Skechers Ultra R after reading a number of glowing reviews and they’re not bad at short distances either. Of course, I bought them for ultras. They are quite narrow in the toebox compared to my other shoes. I wore them for a 30-miler and had numerous problems, eventually cutting away part of the shoe over my right pinky toe. I still ended up with a black toenail. I’ve never had a black pinky toenail before. 🙁 (more…)

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Ultraspire Astral Hydration Vest Review


I’ve been running with the female-specific Ultraspire Astral for about five months and I feel like I’m in a good position to give a real review. First things first: I do love this vest! It fits better by far than any other vest I’ve ever worn. Yes, the “boob framing” still feels a little awkward—as in, are people looking at this thing and thinking that it’s weird? But let’s be honest, accommodating the female form will probably result in a little bit of awkward design, no matter what direction it takes. (more…)

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