I Need a New Hydration Pack

I’m torn.

I have grown to loathe my hydration pack, a Nathan HPL #020 that I bought two years ago after realizing I needed/wanted to carry my own fluid (among other things) during a 50k. I didn’t have too many choices at the time and honestly, it was fine for awhile, but now the straps are all stretched out and the buckles won’t lay flat and I’m having to cinch up the chest strap with a piece of velcro that is ruining the front of all my shirts. Also, it sits low on my back and it’s causing back and shoulder pain after a few hours of running.  (I think it’s because the pack was designed for men. I’ve seen the women’s version and the pieces over the shoulders are definitely shorter.)

There is one thing I really like about the pack. The pocket on the front is big enough to hold my phone: a Samsung Galaxy S3 in an Otter Box. I always ALWAYS run with a phone, both for safety and to take pictures. I love to take pictures when I run! (Which means it needs to be in a pocket I can easily reach.)

After months of agonizing over a decision, I’ve narrowed my choices of pack down to two: Read More