Scotland Run 10k


Central Park
4 April 2015
1:06:26 finish

In all the years I’ve lived in NYC, this was my first Scotland Run 10k. It’s one of the few NYRR races I had never done and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have registered–particularly so soon after a 6-hour–except that my half marathon training plan called for a 10k on this particular week. Read More

Brrrooklyn Hot Chocolate 10K


Prospect Park, Brooklyn
28 January 2012
58:50.02 Finish, 10k PR

This was an awesome race, and not just because I ran it faster than expected.

I’ve been looking for opportunity to run races that are NOT organized and hosted by New York Road Runners, so I’ve been paying attention to races posted on  Steve Lastoe, who runs the site, also directed this race, which is part of a three-race series called the Freeze & Fuhgeddaboudit Series.  There were some problems with timing, mainly that the NYCRuns brand new timing system didn’t work, so the race was turned into a “fun run” at the start line.  No matter, because I was still going to race it!  Most everyone was running with GPS anyway and the small number of runners meant the finish line clock was nearly dead on. Read More

Urban Environmental Challenge 10k

Van Cortlandt Park, The Bronx
3 April 2011
1:14:35 finish

This race was my first trail race and it was pretty brutal.  There were leaves everywhere covering things like rocks and sticks.  There were a dozen or so fallen trees that had to be climbed over.  Three hills too steep to run up, so we were climbing.  There were a couple of water crossings and several pools of muck.  This race has given me pause and caused me to seriously reconsider my preparedness for ultramarathoning:  next to none.  I will be buying real trail shoes and getting some trail mileage in ASAP. Read More