Race for the Cure 5k

27 September 2008
31:05 Finish

The seasons are changing, so it was dark when I dressed for the race. I was looking forward to running in cooler temperatures for sure, but I did make sure to take a hoodie with me just in case. I ate my pre-short race breakfast of one-half Power Bar (yuck) and drank 8 oz. of sports drink on the way to the starting line.

This was my first Race for the Cure, so I was unprepared for the festive atmosphere. I could hear music and someone talking over a loudspeaker as I parked two blocks away. I got there about half an hour before the start time, and I was going to hang out in my car for awhile, but my curiosity got the better of me. I pinned on my race number and walked over to the Amarillo National Bank parking lot. They already had all the booths for the expo set up. There was a huge balloon arch at the start/finish line. A band was warming up and there were speakers everywhere with music already playing. It was pretty cool. Read More