Take Your Base 5 Mile


Coney Island, Brooklyn
30 June 2012
1:03:26 finish

This was my first time to run the Take Your Base 5 Miler, which is organized by the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team to benefit the American Cancer Society. It was also my first race post-injury and it was a STRUGGLE. I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonosis in April and did not run for about seven weeks. I was only cleared to return to running (with walking mixed in) about three weeks before the race and I was not at all acclimated to the heat. Read More

Join the Voices 5 Mile

Image from NYRR Facebook

Central Park, Manhattan
4 December 2011
46:48.37 Finish

I finally broke the curse of the five-mile race.  This was the fourth I registered for and the first I actually ran; I got sick before the other three races.  I must still be experiencing some extra fitness from marathon training, because I actually ran a lot faster than I expected to.

I really loved this course.  We started by Tavern on the Green (former), then headed south around the bottom of Central Park, up Cat Hill to the 102nd Street Transverse, down West Drive, with a finish on the 72nd Street Transverse.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve run this same loop multiple times with Achilles, but leaving Harlem Hill out of the equation and the mostly downhill last mile was awesome. Read More