6 Hour Ultra Marathon Race


Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island
20 September 2014
20 Miles, 4:39:48 Finish

The 2014 6 Hour Ultra Marathon Race did not turn out to be an ultramarathon for me. This was my fourth 6-hour run and I would have enjoyed it if not for a hip problem that creeped up on me by mile 12. I managed eight more before giving up. I could barely walk by mile 20, much less run.

I ran this event in 2013, when it had been temporarily moved to another Staten Island park. I think I liked the other course a little better, although this one was much more scenic. Clove Lakes Park consists of three small lakes; the course consisted of a 2-mile loop on a paved path circling the lower two. There were a couple of hills, but it was flat for the most part. Read More