Peter Rabbit Cross Country 3 Mile

Race Medal

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
11 December 2010
29:45 finish

I like things to have official beginnings, even if they are spontaneous. So when I was perusing the local fall race calendar and saw a listing for the Peter Rabbit Cross Country race in Prospect Park, I immediately recognized it as an official beginning–to my ultramarathon career.

Sure, there are ultramarathon road races, but the vast majority are run on trails. I’ve never run on trails and a beginning was required, so I signed up. It turned out to be a good thing. The three-mile-ish race at Prospect Park was organized by the Brooklyn Road Runners Club. It was a cozy affair, with just 50 runners lined up on a chilly December morning. Someone yelled “GO!” and we were off, running a path marked by small red and pink flags. Read More