NYUR 3-Hour Awards Race


Hendrickson Park
21 March 2016
14.6 miles completed

The field for this event was small, but I managed to come in 8th female and 2nd in my age group. So that made me happy. 🙂

Even though this wasn’t an ultramarathon, the event was designed to get the local ultra community together to have fun and to distribute awards to winners of the Broadway Ultra Society 2015 Grand Prix. I wasn’t a contender for any of those, but I did enjoy myself. Read More

Failing at MAF180

Yes, I’m failing at the Maffetone Method. I didn’t comprehend when I embarked on “running slower” that I would be FREEZING in January. I’ve had to dump out of several runs because I couldn’t warm up enough to keep going and I was afraid of hypothermia. I’m a month into 24-hour training and I’ve managed very few miles per week, between inclement weather and having to quit from shivering. Yesterday was my longest run to date—11 miles—and the only way I accomplished it was because at the halfway mark I said, “Screw it, I’m running.” And I took off at my normal pace. Not only did I warm up real quick, I felt like my running self again for the first time since starting this new training method.

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Okay Winter, I’m Over You (Plus Some New Things)


One thing I’ve certainly enjoyed about living in the Northeastern U.S. is having four real seasons. However, one very good thing about Texas was having warm days sprinkled in among the bitterly cold ones all winter long. I’m getting quite tired of freezing every time I go outside. And this winter we’ve had such cold wind chills I’ve discovered I don’t really have the gear to run in it. (If you live in the far north/tundra, feel free to let me know how to dress.)  And then there’s the ice. Read More