A New Year…Hello Again, Yoga!

I’m getting a slow start thanks to winter weather, but that’s nothing new and I won’t worry too much until we get into February.

As I mentioned in my last post, my spring goal race is the Sybil Ludington 50k in April, so I’m technically already in training. I hate hate hate 16-week plans, though. It’s just too long for me and I start to come unraveled mentally long before I need to. So that’s one reason I’m not in a panic over crappy weather.

I don’t generally make new year resolutions, but I kind of did this year. I am committing to yoga once per week—as in, attending a yoga class, not half-heartedly attempting a video version at home. I went to yoga class twice a week for several years, but I stopped around the same time I started running. Read More

NYC Marathon Weekend


I ran the New York City marathon in 2010–my first one! While I haven’t run it since, I always celebrate race weekend anyway by going to the expo and cheering for several hours during the race.

This year I had big plans to run from my apartment to the expo, which would have been a respectable 10.5 miles followed by mingling while wearing running clothes. (You seem to fit in better while wearing running clothes.) Unfortunately, I didn’t check the weather and it ended up being cold, windy, and rainy all day Saturday. I will run in cold and I will run in rain, but I will not run in cold rain. I scrapped the run and took the subway into the city. Read More

Good Runs This Week

Getting back on a regular schedule has been really good for my mental state, even if it meant running in the dark and in VERY cold temperatures. A run over the Brooklyn Bridge was really brutal–it happened on our coldest day so far and it was really windy. Then today was my first snow run of the season: a little bit of snow and wind at the beginning and giant flakes and a lot of wind at the end.

Happy to say with this week’s mileage, I’m only 23 miles away from my 1000-mile goal!