I Am a Run Commuter

I recently discovered I am a run commuter. It went like this:

(upon finding out a friend was running to school each day)
Me – Hey that’s so cool! You’re, like, run commuting!
Him – Uh yeah, just like you.
Me – Me?
Him – Yeah, you. What do you call it?
Me – I just run toward home from work three days a week.
Him – Yeah, that’s called run commuting. </sarcasm>

Well. That led me to Google “run commuting” and it turns out…I am a run commuter! And now that we put it that way…here’s my story. Read More

Let the Long Runs Begin…

I set out today for an 8-mile pre-official-training “long run.”  I had been shopping around for a handheld water bottle, just because it had been recommended to me, but then I realized I’m going to be running 50 miles with my Nathan pack on.  And I’m supposed to be making my long runs as close to race day conditions as possible.  (Hot summer runs, here I come!) So even though it was only 8 miles, I dutifully got my pack out and ran with it.  As I will every Saturday for the foreseeable future…