Brooklyn Half Marathon


16 May 2015
2:18:18 finish

This is probably going to be my last race report for the Brooklyn Half. The run itself was okay, pretty far off my PR, but not a bad pace for a race in the middle of a training period for something longer. I just didn’t enjoy myself very much and I’ve decided it’s too big now to offer a good experience.

The morning started off fine. I took a car to the start. I didn’t get stuck in the baggage line the way I did last year. The porta-potties in my corral didn’t run out of toilet paper. The corrals did collapse as I was waiting in the bathroom line, but I didn’t worry about that. In 2014 I crossed the start line at 7:55; this year I crossed the start line at 7:56. Negligible loss of time.

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Brooklyn Greenway Half Marathon


Brooklyn Waterfront
19 October 2014
2:13:43 – PR

It was the best of races, it was the worst of races.

I had run pretty fast—for me—at the Run for the Rings Half Marathon a week prior to this race, but I never expected in a million years to PR by a full 6:00. That’s almost unheard of. I chalk it up to finally getting my food/fluids right*, good weather, new course distraction, and running by feel without obsessively checking my Garmin.

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Run for the Rings Half Marathon

start/finish area

Shore Promenade, Brooklyn
11 October 2014

This weekend I ran a benefit race for a fellow runner, blogger, and member of the Prospect Park Track Club, a man who has worked tirelessly for years to make our local running community the awesome community that it is.

Run for the Rings took place at Shore Road Promenade, organized by the excellent folks at NYCRUNS. The Shore Road course is completely flat; basically two out-and-backs of different lengths. Read More