Staten Island Half Marathon


Staten Island
9 October 2011
2:19:11.02 Finish

I PRed this race by two seconds and change, but I hated this race, I’ll be honest.

It started with a ferry debacle, in which a small boat arrived at the terminal and a couple thousand runners (including me) were left behind and had to wait on another boat.  Surprisingly, I crossed the start line just about 15 minutes late, which wasn’t as bad as I expected.

As for the race itself… Read More

Brooklyn Half Marathon


21 May 2011
2:19:13.48 Finish

I PRed this race by about 10 minutes under my last half marathon finish and for that, I am happy with my performance.  However, it wasn’t easy.  The morning dawned foggy and damp and didn’t improve much as the sun came up–it just got hot.  We had 97% humidity at the start with no wind!

The first six or so miles were inside Prospect Park–two loops–before the course veered off to a long straightaway down Ocean Parkway.  The park was shady and comfortable; Ocean Parkway, not so much.  Luckily, we were able to run down the more-shaded left side of the street.  That helped, but it was pretty brutal. Read More

Queens Half Marathon

College Point, Queens
20 September 2009
2:29:23 finish

This was my first half marathon. College Point is pretty far from where I live in Brooklyn, so my husband (who agreed to go with me) and I took a car out there. We ended up being pretty early and I ended up having a little bit of a panic attack. There was a park near the start, so I walked around until I felt better. Read More