BUS Pajama Romp 6-Hour


Astoria Park
25 July 2015
27.7 miles completed

I had high hopes for this event this year, thinking I may have learned some good lessons last year. I really really wanted to run past 29 miles (two more loops), but once again I didn’t make it past 28.

Last year I had stomach issues early in the event which then morphed into bladder issues. This year I felt good for the first four hours and then had bladder issues again! And this time they were actually worse, pain-wise. More about that later. Read More

Ultraspire Astral Hydration Vest Review


I’ve been running with the female-specific Ultraspire Astral for about five months and I feel like I’m in a good position to give a real review. First things first: I do love this vest! It fits better by far than any other vest I’ve ever worn. Yes, the “boob framing” still feels a little awkward—as in, are people looking at this thing and thinking that it’s weird? But let’s be honest, accommodating the female form will probably result in a little bit of awkward design, no matter what direction it takes. Read More

Another New Hydration Vest…The Saga Continues

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the Orange Mud vest. I still believe it’s an amazing design—for men.

Despite my optimism when I wrote my preliminary review, subsequent runs in the vest didn’t get better. They got worse. Eventually I was spending more time trying to keep the vest in place while still being able to breathe than I was running. The 90-day refund mark was coming up, so I decided to return the vest and get my money back. I did have a productive email exchange with an Orange Mud rep named Josh. Read More