Brooklyn Marathon


Prospect Park, Brooklyn
18 November 2012
4:59:53 Finish

This race was HARD.  lol  I did not train on enough hills to do well on this course, but I survived and had a good time.  The weather was perfect for a marathon–40s and partly cloudy.  The race had about 500 runners, so it felt just right and definitely not over-crowded.

The course consisted of two lower loops of Prospect Park (about four miles total), then six loops of the entire park.  If you have never run in Prospect Park before, the big loop is roughly half uphill and half downhill; there is very little flat. Read More

Philadelphia Marathon


20 November 2011

I ran this race 2 1/2 minutes slower than my first marathon, while shooting for 7:00 minutes faster.

Despite regular hill training, hills tend to be my downfall in any long-distance race. That held true today. The first half has two pretty good hills, but short. The entire second half was a series of rolling hills, with at least one fairly steep, long hill. By mile 18, my hamstrings were becoming a problem and I was having trouble getting full leg extension because they were both so tight. I had to stop a couple of times to stretch and the final three hills I just gave up and walked up, then ran down the other side. I’ve got to figure out something when it comes to hills. They generally don’t bother me, so I’m assuming this is an imbalance that shows itself when fatigue sets in. I’m only slightly disappointed, because I know there’s a learning experience in every race and I just like to run, even when it sucks. Read More

New York City Marathon

Five Boroughs
7 November 2010
4:47:35 finish

6:00 am
I got up after an amazingly restful night (seven full hours of sleep!) and got dressed. I had laid out everything I needed over the several days before, so there was no last minute worry. It is recommended that you wear “disposable” clothing over your running gear to stay warm, so I left the apartment in an old pair of sweats, carrying my clear plastic “baggage” with a hoodie and my breakfast inside.

6:45 am
I got on the train headed for South Ferry station. Over the course of a dozen stops, eight more people boarded wearing D tags on their shoes and carrying their plastic bags. I had my Luna bar and a bottle of Gatorade on the train. Read More