Unsucessful Attempt, Time to Regroup

My first 50-mile attempt failed, due to issues during the run and a few wrong decisions before and during. I’m now making plans to regroup, re-train, and re-try.

I’m hugely disappointed, to say the least. (Also a bit depressed and ashamed, truth be told.) In addition to failing at this greater distance, it was also my first-ever DNF. I am trying to embrace the experience because a DNF was inevitable and I have always known it would be something I’d have to face. It is just as beneficial to my running life to be able to accept and handle failure as it is to successfully reach goals. I know this. Read More

Home Stretch

The box I packed with long run essentials (Tailwind, Justin’s Nut Butter, arm warmers, etc.) has arrived at my parents’ house. The post office didn’t lose it, which actually did worry me.

I ran 8 miles this morning and that is the last official run of the training cycle. All that remains is to travel to Texas and line up at the starting line, six days from now.  (It’s possible I’ll squeeze in one or two shorter runs, just for mental health, between now and Saturday.)

I’ve moved beyond training anxiety into resignation: I’m as trained as I’m going to be. Saturday will determine whether my mileage was enough and my training plan adequate. There’s nothing more that can be done, so I’m determined to be patient and have a good time, no matter what happens. See you after the run!