Failing at MAF180

Yes, I’m failing at the Maffetone Method. I didn’t comprehend when I embarked on “running slower” that I would be FREEZING in January. I’ve had to dump out of several runs because I couldn’t warm up enough to keep going and I was afraid of hypothermia. I’m a month into 24-hour training and I’ve managed very few miles per week, between inclement weather and having to quit from shivering. Yesterday was my longest run to date—11 miles—and the only way I accomplished it was because at the halfway mark I said, “Screw it, I’m running.” And I took off at my normal pace. Not only did I warm up real quick, I felt like my running self again for the first time since starting this new training method.

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End of Year Reflection

This wasn’t the running year I wanted or expected, but it’s coming to a close regardless. My mileage and total number of runs were both low, but I can absolutely say I’ve rested! Nothing hurts and I feel more refreshed than I would have expected.

I’m starting to put together a race schedule for 2015. I’ve already decided to run the Sybil Ludington 50k in April, which will get my training back on track and give me an early-ish race to look forward to.  As of this moment I also play to attempt 50 miles again and I’m eyeing some races in Pennsylvania to get that goal accomplished. I’m also looking closer to home at more timed runs, which I just enjoy the hell out of.  Read More

New Year, No Goals Yet

Wow! I can’t believe we’re three weeks into January and I haven’t made a 2014 post yet!

I typically cut way back on running through December and January, so it’s kind of a quiet rest time. I set a modest goal of 50 miles for this month, just to give me a little bit of motivation. I’m at 32 miles and it has been tough to get even that many, given our blizzard conditions and sub-zero temperatures.

So far this year I’ve registered for two shorter races: the Cherry Tree 10-Mile, which I run every February, and the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. I haven’t run the Brooklyn Half since 2011 and I haven’t run a half marathon since the Staten Island Half later that year. I’m sure it will be fun, but I haven’t yet decided how hard to train for it. Read More