3 Days at the Fair

Sussex County Fairgrounds, NJ
13-14 May 2016
51 miles completed

I had so much fun at 3 Days at the Fair!

This was my first ever 24-hour event. I initially was looking for a 12-hour, but there aren’t very many and the 12-hour run at 3DATF starts at 9pm. I didn’t want to run overnight, so I just signed up for the 24. (Get all that?) It turned out to be the right decision. Read More

Wildcat Ridge Romp 50k


Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area
10 August 2013
10:40:00 Finish

I registered for Wildcat Ridge thinking I could use it as a training run for the 50-miler I’m working toward in October. I planned to “take it easy” and estimated I’d finish in about eight hours. Wrong! I worked my butt off and finished in 10:40. I felt like I did my homework on this one: I carefully read the race director’s description of the course, I looked online for photos and videos of the course (found a few, nothing threw up a red flag), I studied the course map, etc. None of that prepared me for what I actually encountered during the event. I’m learning this will probably be the case for every trail run I ever do. ­čśŤ Read More