5th Avenue Mile


5th Avenue, Manhattan
3 September 2015
8:38 finish

My fifth running of the 5th Avenue Mile was also my slowest. In order to accommodate both a long run and the race, I ran from home to the start line–16 miles–then added another three after the race for a total of 20. It worked out perfectly.  (more…)

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Brooklyn Half Marathon


16 May 2015
2:18:18 finish

This is probably going to be my last race report for the Brooklyn Half. The run itself was okay, pretty far off my PR, but not a bad pace for a race in the middle of a training period for something longer. I just didn’t enjoy myself very much and I’ve decided it’s too big now to offer a good experience.

The morning started off fine. I took a car to the start. I didn’t get stuck in the baggage line the way I did last year. The porta-potties in my corral didn’t run out of toilet paper. The corrals did collapse as I was waiting in the bathroom line, but I didn’t worry about that. In 2014 I crossed the start line at 7:55; this year I crossed the start line at 7:56. Negligible loss of time.


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NYC Marathon Weekend


I ran the New York City marathon in 2010–my first one! While I haven’t run it since, I always celebrate race weekend anyway by going to the expo and cheering for several hours during the race.

This year I had big plans to run from my apartment to the expo, which would have been a respectable 10.5 miles followed by mingling while wearing running clothes. (You seem to fit in better while wearing running clothes.) Unfortunately, I didn’t check the weather and it ended up being cold, windy, and rainy all day Saturday. I will run in cold and I will run in rain, but I will not run in cold rain. I scrapped the run and took the subway into the city. (more…)

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