Run for the Rings Half Marathon

start/finish area

Shore Promenade, Brooklyn
11 October 2014

This weekend I ran a benefit race for a fellow runner, blogger, and member of the Prospect Park Track Club, a man who has worked tirelessly for years to make our local running community the awesome community that it is.

Run for the Rings took place at Shore Road Promenade, organized by the excellent folks at NYCRUNS. The Shore Road course is completely flat; basically two out-and-backs of different lengths. Read More

Brooklyn Half Marathon


17 May 2014
2:22:20 finish

I decided to run the Brooklyn Half on a whim, pinky swearing with two friends that we would all run it. I hadn’t run a half marathon in nearly three years, but there is so much excitement built up around the Brooklyn Half I figured it would be a good time. Mostly it was.

I actually put together a training plan for this race, then threw it out the window and did what I wanted. I should have stuck with the plan. Race day was perfect and I’ve been running really long distances for a couple of years, so I made quite a few mistakes with this race. Read More

Cherry Tree 10 Miler


Prospect Park, Brooklyn
16 February 2014
1:51:07 finish

2014 was my fifth annual running of the Cherry Tree 10 Miler, organized by my running club, the Prospect Park Track Club. I would call the weather “average”…cold, but not bitterly so as in some years. I wised up this time around, though, and took a car to the start line instead of getting up super early to ride the bus. Much less waiting time before the race!

I was coming into the race undertrained, which is typical for February, but started out pretty strong. Of the ten miles, I managed to hammer out about five that were a decent pace, but fell off after that. I finished in 1:52–not my slowest time ever, but certainly no where close to my PR!  Ironically, I ran better in the beginning when Prospect Park’s roads were icy rather than later when they began to melt. Read More