10 Years a Runner

birthday candles

Today marks my tenth runniversary. Things are a lot different than that first day, when I struggled through a mile at a high school track. Never in a million years did I imagine then that I would accomplish everything I have. The idea of a marathon was only a flicker–something other people, “real” runners did. And an ultramarathon was still an unknown, as I had never heard of one. Read More

Giving Thanks

By chance, my runniversary is November 17, which falls just a week or so before Thanksgiving. This year I celebrated seven years of running:  4,678 total miles run in 930 hours and 14 minutes.  Not too shabby.

Despite some setbacks over the years (and a few minor injuries), I remain profoundly grateful for the ability and opportunity to run. Here’s to many more years of relentless forward motion!!!