A Preliminary Review of Topo Magnifly


I love these shoes. I really really really love these shoes. You probably know that I’ve been running in Altra shoes for the past several years and while I appreciate the toebox, I generally hate the way they fit–or don’t fit–around my heels. These shoes are the whole package and currently the top shoe in my line up. Read More

Shoe Surgery

I’ve really struggled with shoes this year, primarily because of my inability to find Altra road shoes that work for me anymore. I have been running in a pair of Skora that I like very much. Unfortunately, past 12 miles I get blisters on the my arches. I still haven’t figure that out.

I bought a pair of Skechers Ultra R after reading a number of glowing reviews and they’re not bad at short distances either. Of course, I bought them for ultras. They are quite narrow in the toebox compared to my other shoes. I wore them for a 30-miler and had numerous problems, eventually cutting away part of the shoe over my right pinky toe. I still ended up with a black toenail. I’ve never had a black pinky toenail before. 🙁 Read More

Preliminary Review of Skora Tempo

20150507_181953 (1)

I’m breaking up with Altra. (for road shoes)

If you’ve been following along (and I have no reason to believe you have), you know that I’ve had continuous problems with the way Altra Zero Drop road shoes fit my heels (or don’t). The original Intuition was fine and so was Intuition 2.0, even though I hated how squishy that shoe was. But every other model has been terrible.

I’m currently running in the Provisioness 2.0, which would be a great shoe for me IF MY DAMN HEELS STAYED IN THE SHOES, but I put nearly 500 miles on those squishy Intuition 2.0s and needed to replace them. Feeling optimistic, I ordered the brand spanking new Intuition 3.0 from Amazon. The colorways are hideous, but I had high hopes since the 2.0 fit well.

Pfft. Read More