Preliminary Review of Altra Provisioness 2.0


Firm and supportive.

After running on the super squishy Intuition 2.0 for a year, these shoes feel REALLY firm. And after running in neutral shoes for three years, these shoes feel REALLY supportive. Neither of those things are necessarily bad. In fact, despite the first couple of runs killing my calves, I’m starting to think more support—at least sometimes—is better than none. I would kind of like to have different kinds of shoes in my rotation instead of just running in one pair all the time.  Read More

Okay Winter, I’m Over You (Plus Some New Things)


One thing I’ve certainly enjoyed about living in the Northeastern U.S. is having four real seasons. However, one very good thing about Texas was having warm days sprinkled in among the bitterly cold ones all winter long. I’m getting quite tired of freezing every time I go outside. And this winter we’ve had such cold wind chills I’ve discovered I don’t really have the gear to run in it. (If you live in the far north/tundra, feel free to let me know how to dress.)  And then there’s the ice. Read More

Spring Races and Other Stuff

Despite the (expected) slow start to 2015 training due to yuck weather, I’ve registered for my first three races of 2015:

  • Cherry Tree 10 Mile on February 15 (annual tradition)
  • Sybil Ludington 50k on April 25
  • Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16 (to hopefully make up for last year’s poor performance)

I feel pretty good about the schedule, providing I can get some good long runs in between now and April. I think I will. I’ve been consciously adding hills into all my runs, to get ready for Sybil. Everything I’ve read has indicated it’s a hilly race. Read More