A Wild Goose Chase


A new park recently opened in my neighborhood, so I decided to check it out during my weekend long run. This was easier said than done.

I looked at Google Maps before I left home and then headed off in the direction of the park. When I got to the location I saw on the map, there was nothing but warehouses. I thought I must have cut across toward the water too soon, so I headed north. After ten blocks or so, I decided to look at Google Maps on my phone, only to discover I had gone too far. I backtracked. I couldn’t find the park. I backtracked some more. I couldn’t find the park. Read More

Cherry Tree 10 Miler


Prospect Park, Brooklyn
16 February 2014
1:51:07 finish

2014 was my fifth annual running of the Cherry Tree 10 Miler, organized by my running club, the Prospect Park Track Club. I would call the weather “average”…cold, but not bitterly so as in some years. I wised up this time around, though, and took a car to the start line instead of getting up super early to ride the bus. Much less waiting time before the race!

I was coming into the race undertrained, which is typical for February, but started out pretty strong. Of the ten miles, I managed to hammer out about five that were a decent pace, but fell off after that. I finished in 1:52–not my slowest time ever, but certainly no where close to my PR!  Ironically, I ran better in the beginning when Prospect Park’s roads were icy rather than later when they began to melt. Read More

Good Runs This Week

Getting back on a regular schedule has been really good for my mental state, even if it meant running in the dark and in VERY cold temperatures. A run over the Brooklyn Bridge was really brutal–it happened on our coldest day so far and it was really windy. Then today was my first snow run of the season: a little bit of snow and wind at the beginning and giant flakes and a lot of wind at the end.

Happy to say with this week’s mileage, I’m only 23 miles away from my 1000-mile goal!