Urban Environmental Challenge 10k

Van Cortlandt Park, The Bronx
3 April 2011
1:14:35 finish

This race was my first trail race and it was pretty brutal.  There were leaves everywhere covering things like rocks and sticks.  There were a dozen or so fallen trees that had to be climbed over.  Three hills too steep to run up, so we were climbing.  There were a couple of water crossings and several pools of muck.  This race has given me pause and caused me to seriously reconsider my preparedness for ultramarathoning:  next to none.  I will be buying real trail shoes and getting some trail mileage in ASAP. Read More

New York City Marathon

Five Boroughs
7 November 2010
4:47:35 finish

6:00 am
I got up after an amazingly restful night (seven full hours of sleep!) and got dressed. I had laid out everything I needed over the several days before, so there was no last minute worry. It is recommended that you wear “disposable” clothing over your running gear to stay warm, so I left the apartment in an old pair of sweats, carrying my clear plastic “baggage” with a hoodie and my breakfast inside.

6:45 am
I got on the train headed for South Ferry station. Over the course of a dozen stops, eight more people boarded wearing D tags on their shoes and carrying their plastic bags. I had my Luna bar and a bottle of Gatorade on the train. Read More