Pine Creek Challenge

Pine Creek Rail Trail, Wellsboro, PA
12 September 2015

Finally! I broke past the 50-mile mark and finished my first ever 100k! The wheels fell off the training bus a couple of times, between travel and illness, but I finished all my super long runs and felt reasonably confident lining up at the start of the Pine Creek Challenge. I had a good feeling about this event when I found it online last spring and it didn’t disappoint. Read More

Running Rochester


A short trip for work gave me the chance to do a short run in Rochester, NY.

I took off down the Genesee Riverway Trail, which runs alongside the Genesee River, through Genesee Gateway Park. The path goes under the Frederick Douglass–Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge, then runs south further than I had time to go. I was interested to see that there were ladders down to the river at regular intervals all the way down the east side of the river. I am curious whether people swim in the river all the summer or if they serve another purpose. Read More

Pine Creek Challenge Training

My “goal event” this year is the Pine Creek Challenge, a 100k that I will run in “beautiful Wellsboro, PA!” 🙂 I had been looking for a 50-miler, but couldn’t find one that seemed doable from either a schedule or travel standpoint. After looking at dozens of sites and race reports, I finally happened across the Pine Creek Challenge, which is billed as “beginner friendly.” I am looking forward to a beginner friendly first 100k attempt!!!  (I look forward to pretty much anything described as beginner friendly at this point in my running career.) Pennsylvania really is beautiful and there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm from runners who have run the course, so I think it will be good. Read More