Okay Winter, I’m Over You (Plus Some New Things)


One thing I’ve certainly enjoyed about living in the Northeastern U.S. is having four real seasons. However, one very good thing about Texas was having warm days sprinkled in among the bitterly cold ones all winter long. I’m getting quite tired of freezing every time I go outside. And this winter we’ve had such cold wind chills I’ve discovered I don’t really have the gear to run in it. (If you live in the far north/tundra, feel free to let me know how to dress.)  And then there’s the ice. Read More

A New Year…Hello Again, Yoga!

I’m getting a slow start thanks to winter weather, but that’s nothing new and I won’t worry too much until we get into February.

As I mentioned in my last post, my spring goal race is the Sybil Ludington 50k in April, so I’m technically already in training. I hate hate hate 16-week plans, though. It’s just too long for me and I start to come unraveled mentally long before I need to. So that’s one reason I’m not in a panic over crappy weather.

I don’t generally make new year resolutions, but I kind of did this year. I am committing to yoga once per week—as in, attending a yoga class, not half-heartedly attempting a video version at home. I went to yoga class twice a week for several years, but I stopped around the same time I started running. Read More