What is NormaSpace?

NormaSpace was the name I chose for the very first personal website I built in 1999.  I lost my job and had a lot of time on my hands.  I also wanted to learn HTML, so I decided to build a site for myself.  It was hosted at Tripod and over the years there were a dozen iterations of it that I was very proud of.

In 2006, Myspace launched and because their site got popular and mine didn’t, everyone laughed when I gave them links to my website–as though I named NormaSpace after Myspace.  I didn’t and there was never a connection.

If I could afford to wrest norma.com away from its current owner, I would, but I’ve decided to stick with normaspace.com because of nostalgia and personal longevity.  It remains my personal online sandbox and I expect it will for a long time to come.